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Classical Gass.  St. Mark's., 1977
Tuesday Brightness.  St. Mark's, 1977   
 Sleepless. audio
On the Death of Robert Lowell.
MerkPlanet Authority.
Losing My Glove. Woo. Sorry. St. Mark's Project
Ooh. Open City
Rescue. $lavery 1.1
School of Fish. Dia Art Foundation
Waterfall. TinFish
Flowers. how2 work / book
Rosie's Poem. how2 work / book

The Beach. Deluxe Rubber Chicken

My Light Kenning

Milk. Jacket Magazine

Scribner's. Jacket Magazine
Worst Seat in the House. Jacket Magazine
Rotting Symbols. 8
Poem for Patsy, May 10th. bigbridge
40th Street. Beehive





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