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Collections, introductions, afterwords.

Killing the Buddha:  A Heretic's Bible Free Press, January 2004.  Buy at powells, amazon.  Read  “What's Up, Daniel?” 
Without a Net: The Female Experience of Growing Up Working Class. Michelle Tea, ed. Sea Press, WA, 2004. ISBN: 1580051030.  powells, amazon.
The World in Us: Lesbian and Gay Poetry of the Next Wave. Elena Georgiou, Michael Lassell, eds. St. Martin's Press, 2001. Buy at amazon. Browse book.
Blood and Tears: Poems for Matthew Shepard. Scott Gilson, ed. Painted Leaf Press, 1999. ISBN 1891305158. Buy at powells, amazon.
Message to Pretty. Thread Waxing Space,1998. ISBN: 1891027034
Primal Primer: 5x5 Singles, Vol. 2. Eileen Myles, Michael McInnis, Laurie Weeks, Suara Welitof, Rick Moody. Primal, 1997.  ISBN 0941215113
Boston School.  Lia Gangitano, ed. Lia Gangitano & Milena Kalinovska, curators. “Mark Morrisroe (1959-1998) A Survey from the Estate. The Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston. Primal Media, 1995. ISBN: 0941215059.  Buy at Barnes &
Read “Jack” with artwork by Jack Pierson: 
“Chelsea Girls” 1995 ektacolor print.

Zenith of Desire: Contemporary Lesbian Poems about Sex. Crown, 1996. ISBN: 0517702819. Buy at powellsamazon.
Caught in the Act: A Look at Contemporary Multimedia Performance. Photographs by Dona Ann McAdams. Intro. by C. Carr.Aperture, Afterword by Eileen Myles. 1996.  Buy at Aperture, powells.
Postmodern American Poetry: 
A Norton Anthology  
Paul Hoover, ed. New York:  W. W. Norton & Co.  750 pages.  ISBN: 0-393-31090-6. 
Table of contents
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Read:  December 9th.
Martha Diamond: New Paintings. Eileen Myles, ed. Robert Miller Gallery, 1990. ISBN: 0944680062  Buy at Barnes & Noble

Poems For the Nation: A Collection Of Contemporary Political Poems
Allen Ginsberg, editor. Seven Stories
ISBN: 1 58322 012 7. Order from AK Press.

Best American Poetry 1988.  John Ashbery, editor.  First volume of series edited by David Lehman. ASIN: 0684189836.  “Public Television” by Eileen Myles first  appeared in: Shiny International.  Table of contentsOrder through (rare)

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American Poetry Review: Mar / Apr 1999 Vol.28 / No.2; July / Aug 1996 Vol.25 / No.4;  May / June 1995 Vol. 24 / No.3

Nest, no. 18, Fall 2002: “Piss Elegance”  Glimpse inside “A Clean, Well, Lighted Place” photo by Oliver Ray.

A Sheep on the Bus, audiomagazine.  This edition of A Sheep on the Bus features Eileen Myles performing “Madras.” Audio cassette. 1 hour. New York. 1994.  Buy at Printed Matter.  More Eileen Myles in A Sheep on the Bus, Vol. 5  Seth King, ed. New York. Fall 1994. at Printed Matter.

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